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Gold, Silver, and Bronze Level Insurance

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With the intense athleticism, endurance, and dedication that is the heart of the Olympics, there is nothing more rewarding to participants than being able to stand on the podium, hear their national anthem, and get that medal placed around their neck.  These medals mean so much, not only in physical value, but in emotional value … More

Are You a Renter?

The fact of the matter is that the majority of all Americans have homeowners insurance in order to keep themselves protected against anything from an accident to a burglary.  However, according to a survey conducted by the Insurance Information Institute, only 30% of people who rent (versus own) an apartment, condo, townhouse, or free standing … More

Will an Electric Car Pay Itself Off?

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Gas prices are once again the topic of debate and as they grow higher and higher, more people are switching to hybrid and electric cars.  However, even though these cars are better on gas and will save you at the pump each time you fill up, they are especially pricey from the beginning.  Therefore, our … More

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