Year: 2018

  • money resolutions

    Financial Resolutions: 5 Things to Ask Your Insurance Agent in 2019

    Are you planning to lose weight in 2019? Take up yoga? Watch less television (not including The Bachelor, obviously)? These are all admirable goals, but the first self-improvement items on your list should be financial resolutions: simple, clear-cut steps to protect your financial wellbeing, heading into the new year. Best place to start? Contact your […]

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  • fireplace and chimney cleaning

    Chimney Service, Fireplace Safety and Insurance FAQs

    Written by Lucy Murphy, CISR

    Your fireplace is a major focal point in your home. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, it can also become a major hazard. Over time, ash, creosote, and carbon residue build up in fireplaces and chimneys. Left unchecked, these biproducts can result in fires or carbon monoxide intrusion. Some chimney fires go completely undetected, all the […]

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  • MA renters insurance

    Renter’s Insurance Boston, Framingham, Worcester and Beyond

    Got renter’s insurance, Boston tenants? What about you folks in Framingham, Worcester, or the Massachusetts suburbs? While 95% of homeowners have home insurance, more than half of today’s young renters (56%) don’t have renter’s insurance, opening the door to serious potential losses. If you rent in Massachusetts, here’s what you need to know about protecting […]

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  • preventing christmas tree fires

    Christmas Tree Fires: Statistics & Prevention Tips

    Written by Lucy Murphy, CISR

    Shopping, baking, decorating: with all the things you’re doing this time of year, taking extra time out for safety can seem like a tall order. But there are several basic precautions—like checking your cords and watering your tree every day—that can mean the difference between a happy holiday and a dangerous disaster. Here are the […]

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  • Preventing Holiday Package Theft

    Tis the season… for holiday package theft? NBC Boston just released an article detailing the theft of ten packages from the homes of one Quincy neighborhood. Massachusetts police warn residents to take special care if they are expecting deliveries this time of year. So, before you go clicking that “confirm purchase” button, confirm you have […]

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  • do you need insurance for a puppy or other present?

    Do I Need Insurance for (One of These Holiday Gifts)?

    It’s that time of year. Black Friday, Cyber Monday: all the big shopping days are here again. Before you start crossing items off your holiday gift list, make sure you know how certain big-ticket purchases could affect your insurance needs. Call your local agent today, if you find yourself asking: ummm, do I need insurance for…? Do I Need Insurance […]

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  • Coats for Kids: The Ben Cavallo Fund/Knights of Columbus Council 420

    As we reflect on all the things we’re thankful for this year, most of us are lucky enough to count heated homes and warm clothing on our lists. Sadly, some 14% of Americans aren’t as fortunate. In Massachusetts alone, more than 685,000 people are living in poverty—many of them children. Without proper winter clothing, kids […]

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  • highway traffic before holidays

    Holiday Traffic: 5 Tips for Staying Safe (and Sane)

    Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Of Thanksgiving leftovers piled into the perfect sandwich? Or are you already having nightmares about all that holiday traffic? It’s a sad fact of the season—especially here in New England—but holiday traffic is as traditional as pumpkin pie. Here are five tips to help you digest it: Get […]

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  • Halloween Safety

    Written by Sandra McNair

    Knock knock. Who’s there? Three Disney princesses, a Spiderman, and Tom Brady. It’s either Halloween or a very strange dream… We hope that in the midst of stocking your candy bowls and carving creepy pumpkins, you’ve also drafted a Halloween safety plan for the big night. If  not, don’t worry – we’ve gathered some tips […]

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  • cleaning gutters

    How to Clean Your Gutters this Autumn

    Is it really that important to clean my gutters? Gutters carry rainwater away from the foundation of your home, meaning any debris blocking this process can cause water backup or an overflow. With enough backup, the water can cause serious damage to your home’s foundation, roof, or exterior. We’re talking between $1,000-$4,000 for repair and […]

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