Year: 2020

  • The Next Hurricane: Your Path to Preparedness

    The 2020 hurricane season is now underway, with experts predicting “above normal” activity in the Atlantic. If you haven’t reviewed your insurance policies lately, now is a smart time to ask your agent about which coverages you have and which ones you don’t. Common gaps to discuss: Flood Insurance in Massachusetts Sewer Backup Coverage Building […]

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  • C&S insurance front desk

    Our Plan to Reopen C&S Offices: Mansfield, Attleboro, Dedham, Bridgewater

    As an essential business, C&S was never closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we did close our offices to clients, visitors, and other members of the public for a period of several weeks. Now, as the state begins its phased reopening, we are taking steps to reopen our doors–albeit with new guidelines in place to […]

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  • how to renew business insurance

    Renewing Business Insurance during the Pandemic: Tips for Business Owners

    Written by Jessica Morin, CRIS

    In an ideal world, renewing your business insurance is something you do after careful planning and analysis. Taking the time to review what happened last year and anticipating next year’s coming changes is the best way to ensure your new policy will provide adequate coverage at an optimal rate. Unfortunately, during the current pandemic, many […]

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  • how to keep workers and customers safe during covid19 reopening

    COVID19 Workplace Safety Standards: Mandatory in Massachusetts

    The four-phase approach to re-opening Massachusetts is underway. If you’re re-opening your Massachusetts business in the coming weeks, here are four items to download (and complete), according to state guidelines: COVID-19 control plan template – A template that satisfies the written control plan requirement for self-certification. NOTE: you don’t need to submit this plan to state […]

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  • home insurance discounts can equal significant savings

    Home Insurance Discounts for Minor Home improvements

    Some home insurance discounts are pretty widely known. For example, you probably already know you can save money if you bundle your insurance (purchasing home, auto, and umbrella coverage through the same carrier). Paying your annual premium in full, at the beginning of your term; paying via automatic withdrawal; or opting into paperless billing (i.e. […]

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  • payroll is a keep component of a business insurance audit

    Business Insurance Audits and COVID-19

    They happen every year: business insurance audits. COVID-19 makes this year’s process a little more complicated… and potentially confusing. If you’re wondering how different payroll and operational changes could affect your audit, the following FAQs may help. During the pandemic, we’ve included COVID-related audit questions up top. More general FAQs about annual business insurance audits […]

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  • how to reopen business after covid19

    7 Steps to Reopen Your Business during the COVID-19 Recovery

    Massachusetts officials are cautiously optimistic, as COVID-19 infection rates seem to be leveling off in our state. A four-phase reopening plan is now underway, with at least three weeks between each phase. And business owners from all industries are getting ready to bring people back to their offices, stores, and job sites. What do these […]

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  • Chuck Quealy Joins C&S Insurance as Agency’s COO

    Written by Liz O’Neill

    Everyone is hungry for a bit of good news this spring, so our latest hire couldn’t have come at a better time. (Discounting the wild rainstorm that knocked out our server on his first day.) C&S Insurance is thrilled to announce the newest member of our team: Chuck Quealy, COO. Yesterday we sat down with […]

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  • scam targeting covid-19 small business loan applicants

    COVID-19 Small Business Loans Scam Alert

    As you’ve probably heard, The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) represents a major portion of the U.S. government’s recently deployed CARES Act. The PPP consists of $350 billion in government-backed loans—distributed via private banks. Unfortunately, because so many small businesses have been affected, and because banks are implementing this program on the fly, the application process […]

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  • C&S Insurance Welcomes Kelly Trabulsie as Agency Controller

    Written by Liz O’Neill

    Spring means growth, and for our ever-expanding agency that’s as true inside the office as it is outside. So let’s have a virtual round of applause for another new addition to our incredible team: Kelly Trabulsie, Controller. While Kelly is joining C&S at an unusual time (with most of us working from home temporarily), we […]

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