A Moving Violation Costs What?

February 29, 2016
Written by C&S Insurance

moving violationMany drivers aren’t aware that a moving violation will affect their auto insurance premiums.

The premium increase varies greatly depending on the type of moving violation and the state in which it occurs. As stated by Property Casualty 360 Magazine, “Being caught for reckless driving in Hawaii could increase insurance rates for the driver up to 291%, while the same offense in Louisiana will only increase premiums by 29%. Even minor violations can be costly for policyholders. Following too closely or failing to signal can increase rates by 19% for some drivers.”

So what could a moving violation cost you? Here are 3 moving violations and the states with the highest and lowest premium change:

  • Driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence
    • Highest premium increase: North Carolina 334%
    • Lower premium increase: Maryland 15%
  • Reckless driving
    • Highest premium increase: Hawaii 291%
    • Lower premium increase: Louisiana 29%
  • Driving 31+ mph over the speed limit
    • Highest premium increase: Illinois 99%
    • Lower premium increase: Missouri 9%

For more information on how your premium might be effected due to a moving violation, contact your customer service representatives here at C&S Insurance Agency.