Black Ice..Will You See it Coming?

January 25, 2015
Black ice

At this time of the year black ice is a serious driving hazard and therefore a concern to all who get behind the driver’s wheel.  This is why we at C&S Insurance have some tips for how to deal with this unfortunate winter side effect so that you don’t hurt yourself, someone else, or have to file an insurance claim!

Choose Your Route Wisely

Black ice is most commonly found on bridges, overpasses, and on roads where sunlight does not readily hit.  The reason for this is that the sun has a harder time warming the roads and helping to bring the temperature to above freezing.  Therefore, drive extra cautiously if you know that your route will involve these types of conditions.

Watch Other Drivers

Early mornings and late evenings are the most popular times to encounter black ice, so be prepared to react to cars in front of you that suddenly swerve out of the way to avoid this slippery situation.

Know What to Look For

While this type of ice is hard to spot as it does not freeze with bubbles in it like normal ice, there are some ways to see it ahead of time.  For example, it is most commonly compared to the look of a freshly waxed black car, as it is shiny and glossy.  It is also easier to spot when you keep your headlights on so that you will be able to see a reflection of the light off the ice.