Lyft and Uber Insurance May NOT Cover you

March 26, 2016
Written by C&S Insurance
lady getting out of her car

Uber and Lyft are two new car services that compete with the taxi business – in fact, many people no longer call for taxis, but for ubers. What Uber and Lyft drivers may not realize is, that even though they have their own personal auto insurance, it may NOT cover them if insurance is needed.

All About Car Accidents- shares some vital information about Uber or Lyft not providing the coverages needed:

“Uber and Lyft drivers should be aware that their personal insurance may not necessarily provide coverage for them while they are driving for Uber and Lyft. This is because many private car insurance policies specifically disclaim coverage for accidents that occurred while the driver was driving for pay. Every standard automobile insurance policy has a list of exclusions from coverage, and one of the exclusions in many states is driving for hire.

If the policy does not cover or specifically excludes driving for hire, then the driver will have no personal car insurance if he/she gets into an accident while driving for Uber or Lyft. The driver will need to purchase supplemental commercial driver’s insurance for an extra cost.

If you are an Uber or Lyft driver, you should check your personal car insurance policy to see whether it covers driving for hire (i.e., commercial driving). But because reading and understanding insurance policies can be tricky, you should also check with your insurance agent and have him/her confirm whether you are fully protected under Uber insurance or Lyft insurance plans. Take these into consideration when deciding whether you should, or can, drive for Uber or Lyft.”


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