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  • Do I Need an Insurance Agent?

    Do I need an insurance agent? Why?? If you’re young enough that you can’t remember a world without the Internet, you’ve probably asked these questions at one time or another. Similarly, you may have wondered: Why does anyone need a travel agent? Or a piano teacher? Or a book store? Everything they offer can be […]

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  • using cell phone while driving against law

    Cell Phone Driving Laws in Massachusetts

    Do you know the cell phone driving laws in Massachusetts? If you haven’t been following the news, you may need a refresh. Because the rules just changed… Effective February 23, 2020, Massachusetts’ new hands-free law makes it illegal for drivers (and bicycle operators) to hold any electronic device while driving, even if the vehicle is […]

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  • photos from C&S insurance anniversary party

    Leading Insurance Agency in Massachusetts Celebrates 60 Years

    This month, C&S Insurance celebrated its sixtieth anniversary as a leading insurance agency in Massachusetts. Sixty years of delivering the best in home, auto, and business insurance: definitely a milestone! In true C&S fashion, we threw a party to mark the occasion… Held at TPC Boston, our 60th Anniversary gala gave us an opportunity to […]

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  • Car Insurance for College Students

    Looking to find the best car insurance for college students? There’s no one carrier that’s best suited for everyone in this group, and in most cases, traditional college students (ages 18-22) will still pay more than the average rate regardless. But there are things you can do to help mitigate this added expense during an […]

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  • Time to get ready for 2021

    Financial Resolutions: 5 Things to Ask Your Insurance Agent in 2021

    Are you planning to lose weight in 2021? Take up yoga? Watch less television (not including The Bachelor, obviously)? These are all admirable goals, but the first self-improvement items on your list should be financial resolutions: simple, clear-cut steps to protect your financial wellbeing, heading into the new year. Best place to start? Contact your […]

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  • highway traffic before holidays

    Holiday Traffic: 5 Tips for Staying Safe (and Sane)

    Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Of Thanksgiving leftovers piled into the perfect sandwich? Or are you already having nightmares about all that holiday traffic? It’s a sad fact of the season—especially here in New England—but holiday traffic is as traditional as pumpkin pie. Here are five tips to help you digest it: Get […]

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  • Car Seat Laws MA: Safe Driving with Kids

    How well do you know the car seat laws in Massachusetts? Here’s a quick test to find out: True or false: kids don’t need a car seat or booster seat once they reach 47 inches in height? True or false: it makes good financial sense to shop for car seats at garage sales or second-hand […]

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  • How Much Car Insurance Do I Need?

    How much car insurance do I need? Great question! The short and easy answer is: probably more than what you have right now… We’re not saying that just to drum up business. The fact is, too many drivers are lured into lowball car insurance quotes that are based on state minimums. And Massachusetts’ required minimum […]

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  • getting ready for winter weather

    Winter Weather Safety at Home and on the Road

    Written by Lucy Murphy, CISR

    Ice storms. Snow that falls in feet, not inches. Dangerous roads. Sub-zero windchill. Yep, it’s officially winter in New England. For long-time Massachusetts residents, winter weather safety may seem like common sense. But for those who are new to the area, for first-time homeowners, for seniors who live alone, or any others who just appreciate […]

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  • insuring your ma wedding

    Wedding Insurance: Should You Say “I Do” to Special Event Coverage?

    Have you considered wedding insurance for your big day? Our local experts can help. According to 2017 figures, the average cost of a wedding in Massachusetts is nearly $40,000. Meanwhile, thirteen percent of engagements—more than one in ten—don’t end in marriage, which adds up to lots of forfeited deposit checks. And changes of heart aren’t […]

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