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  • apartment tenant with her dog needs renters insurance

    Renters Insurance with a Dog? Yes and Yes.

    Written by Lucy Murphy, CISR

    Can you buy renters insurance with a dog in your apartment? Yes you can, and yes you should. Here’s why: Dog bites cause over 800,000 serious injuries in the U.S. every year. Even if the bite victim was teasing or provoking your dog, you, as the owner, may be held liable (see below). Securing renters […]

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  • an unmarried couple that needs insurance for home

    Insurance for Unmarried Couples and Other Folks Who Live Together

    Have you ever read your entire home insurance policy or renter’s insurance policy, front to back? Of course you haven’t. Though you really should, because… There are some interesting little blurbs in there—exclusions, in particular, that are easy to gloss over until something goes wrong. For homeowners and renters, one key exclusion is related to […]

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  • MA renters insurance

    Renter’s Insurance Boston, Framingham, Worcester and Beyond

    Got renter’s insurance, Boston tenants? What about you folks in Framingham, Worcester, or the Massachusetts suburbs? While 95% of homeowners have home insurance, more than half of today’s young renters (56%) don’t have renter’s insurance, opening the door to serious potential losses. If you rent in Massachusetts, here’s what you need to know about protecting […]

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  • insuring your ma wedding

    Wedding Insurance: Should You Say “I Do” to Special Event Coverage?

    Have you considered wedding insurance for your big day? Our local experts can help. According to 2017 figures, the average cost of a wedding in Massachusetts is nearly $40,000. Meanwhile, thirteen percent of engagements—more than one in ten—don’t end in marriage, which adds up to lots of forfeited deposit checks. And changes of heart aren’t […]

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  • why insurance goes up

    Why Did My Insurance Go Up?

    Written by Donna Craven, CPL

    Life brings us all sorts of surprises, good and bad. You may have received one recently when you opened up your renewed MA car insurance or MA home insurance policy… only to discover a higher price tag. Why did my insurance go up? you’re probably asking—especially if you didn’t file a claim in the past […]

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  • 7 Things to Do Before Vacation (to Protect Your Home)

    Your bags are packed. Your “out of office” work email is set. You’ve even completed our road trip checklist, so you know your car is ready for the long haul. What are some other important things to do before vacation? Protect your home! Whether you live in a standalone house, a condo, or an apartment, […]

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  • 5 Tips on College Student Insurance

    We call it “college student insurance,” but the following info applies to all high school grads and young adults. Whether your child is living at school, commuting to college, taking a gap year, or starting her career straight away, these tips are useful for any parent with a newly independent child. Please give us a […]

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  • Combining insurance policies like strands of rope

    Should You Bundle Insurance? 4 Facts on Bundling and Saving

    There are a lot of ways to save money on insurance. Most drivers and homeowners can find at least one insurance discount that matches their situation. If you haven’t already done so, bundling your insurance—purchasing several of your policies through the same company—is a pretty universal savings opportunity. Here are four facts on consumers who […]

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