Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Massachusetts’ Small Businesses

By: Sandra McNair

Prior to joining the C&S team, Sandra spent 12 years in the baking industry, where she built her customer service skills and used her creativity to design beautiful cakes.

Mother’s Day is this weekend!?! Have you started shopping yet? If you want our advice, your best bet is to skip the mall, and shop local.

Lucky for you, we started compiling some Mom’s Day ideas months ago… Our gift list features small businesses from around Massachusetts that always deliver quality products and services. So give mom a big hug from us and something unexpected from you. Happy shopping!

Gorgeous and Original Home Goods

Don’t get us wrong. We love the Homegoods store in the shopping complex, but you’re unlikely to find anything mom hasn’t already seen there. Skip the chain and head to Nest in Dedham, where they’re selling original artwork, textiles, clothing, jewelry, furniture, and other gorgeous pieces that blend with any style. Local owners curate both new and vintage finds from New England and all around the world. Seriously, check out their story–Nest is worth a visit.

All-Natural Bath and Body Products

If you haven’t been to Plum Island yet, you’re missing out on one of Massachusetts’ most idyllic seaside towns. You’re also missing the Plum Island Soap Company (PISC), and its amazing line of soaps for hands, feet, face…even for pets! All of PISC’s products are made using high-quality ingredients and pure essential oils. Eco-conscious moms will be thrilled to unwrap a basket of these bath, body, and skincare items. And yes, you can order online!

Dinner Someplace Fun

Don’t let anybody tell you, “gift cards are boring.” On Mother’s Day, nothing could be farther from the truth—especially if the alternative is dad and the kids attempting three courses in the kitchen. There are simply too many delicious, local eateries you haven’t tried yet. So instead of dirtying every pan she owns, get her a gift card for a nice dinner out. Somewhere you haven’t been before, please. Try Oscar’s, a hot new gastro pub, or Horse Thieves Tavern (cozy vibe, interesting history and menu), both located in Dedham Square. We’ve sampled both, and even our fiercest foodies were impressed. Remember, a day away from the dishwasher is often better than diamonds.

Fresh Flowers, Arranged for Her

Okay, you could argue that flowers are a pretty cookie-cutter Mother’s Day gift idea… Except when you visit a skilled, local florist—like Judy’s Village Flowers in Foxboro, or Stapleton Floral Design in Boston and Southie. Need some help recreating that decorative wreath she pinned on her Pinterest board? What about that container arrangement she shared with you on Instagram? Looking for the same flowers she carried in her bridal bouquet? These nearby experts can get it done (with a reasonable amount of advance notice!). Even better idea: ask about Judy’s or Stapleton’s rotation services, where arrangements are delivered on a periodic basis, like once a month.

A Backyard Oasis

If you really owe mom something big this year, give her the blueprints to a gorgeous backyard escape—a place to read her magazines, host her book club, or do… absolutely nothing. Our friends at Perennial Gardens are experts in breathtaking landscape and hardscape designs/installation. Their projects can include horticultural components (ornamental plants, shrubs, vegetables and herb gardens, fruit trees, vines), as well as outdoor living spaces (outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, etc.). Quick word of advice, though? You might want to get mom’s buy-in before surprising her with a project of this size.

An Adventure Vacation

Has mom started adding exotic destinations to her bucket list? Alaska? Iceland? An African safari? Is she looking for travel planning advice (and striking out with you and your siblings)? There’s a solution! A pretty cool one, in fact. This Massachusetts company organizes adventures for women travelers, many of whom are traveling solo. AdventureWomen now offers over 42 departures, traveling to more than 65 countries around the world. Peru, Australia, Spain, Croatia, the Serengeti: they’re all options! The average Adventure Woman is 57, but excursions are open to women of all ages. (Just keep in mind these are active adventures, designed for a variety of fitness levels.) AdventureWomen can also accommodate groups of friends, multi-generational family trips, reunions and other parties. So while it’s not exactly a gift you can buy for mom, it’s definitely a great lead to share with her–maybe inside a cool new travel journal or a coffee table book that profiles her favorite destination.

Got any local business recommendations we should add to this list? Send them our way! We’re always happy to highlight Massachusetts SMBs!