Commercial Insurance Specialties

Education and experience do matter. Safeguard your business with the best.

When you run a specialty business in Massachusetts, experience and education are two critical attributes you should require from your insurance agent. At C & S Insurance, we take pride in our ability to offer our clients a deeper understanding of their business needs. Our experienced team spends time not only getting to know your business, but also your industry. We belong to several business associations specific to our insurance specialties. The valuable knowledge we acquire through these organizations allows us to be more than just your insurance agent; we are trusted advisors that keep your company safe and help it grow and prosper.

  • Artisan Contractors

    Contractors from a variety of industries have come to value the high level of industry knowledge and customer service we offer.

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  • Auto Repair & Service

    From the roof over your head to the tools you use and the trucks you drive, we provide insurance solutions tailored to your business.

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  • Condo & Apartment Complexes

    We understand the complicated insurance requirements of any building or property situation, from associations to complexes.

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  • Construction

    Our experienced agents provide loss prevention and risk management evaluations, combined with competitive premiums.

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  • Energy & Power

    From fuel transportation and distribution to renewable and alternative energy, let us design a risk management plan for you.

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  • Landscapers

    We protect you and your crew from general and commercial liability issues, vehicle and equipment malfunction, and more.

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  • MA Nurses Association

    Massachusetts nurses, who are members of the MNA or MARN, and their immediate family can save 5% on their auto insurance policy.

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  • Manufacturing & Distribution

    Our agents build cost-effective, comprehensive risk management programs to protect your employees, vehicles, inventory, and more.

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  • Workers’ Comp Insurance

    Our commercial insurance experts offer a unique multi-dimensional approach to controlling risk and containing costs.

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  • Waste Hauling Insurance

    Our dedication and experience in waste hauling insurance means we don't just provide optimal coverage, we also help companies optimize their loss control programs and risk management strategies.

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Why use a specialist?

Not all doctors are equal and neither are insurance agents. We've spent years developing the necessary knowledge to specialize in a handful of complex insurance issues. We've dedicated time and resources to ensure that we have the proper products to deal with your uniqe needs. Don't just use any agent, use an agent that specializes in your needs.

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