With 13 years of finance management, Adelia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. Transitioning into insurance in 2021, she has already accrued 3 years of industry-specific experience.

Her dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in her impressive 20 years of customer service. Holding a CPIA designation, Adelia continually strives for excellence in the field. But it’s not just about qualifications— she genuinely enjoys interacting with customers, fostering relationships, and creating positive experiences.

Adelia has a passion for travel and loves exploring new destinations. She cherishes spending quality time with her children and enjoys spending time at the beach. Despite her busy schedule, she remains committed to personal growth, and is currently pursuing a college degree with graduation on the horizon.

Known for her positive attitude, confidence, and team spirit, Adelia is a dynamic member of our team and a  valuable asset to our company.

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