Meet Emily Acorace, our Director of Marketing at C&S Insurance!

With 10 years of professional experience, she’s extremely well-versed in all areas of marketing, advertising, and creative services. Throughout her career, Emily Acorace has grown multiple brands across the United States East Coast. Her creative perspective on marketing is unique and brings a wide variety of skills and experience to our business.

She believes in hands-on, creative marketing leadership. She will push the limit with strategies that always exceed the industry standard when it comes to a return. A big-picture thinker who is able to build out a marketing campaign of any kind. She fosters a well-thought-out process along the way by practicing agile methodologies, ensuring collaborative efforts are continuously being met throughout all areas of the business.

Emily is the happiest when she is with her husband, Anthony, and their two dogs, Indigo and Mac. She lives for adventures and visits as many new places as she can. One of her favorite things to do is to enjoy a delicious craft beer at a local brewery. She loves spending time outdoors, and horseback riding. Emily cherishes her time with her friends and family above all else.

“I am deeply committed to the practice and philosophy of creative leadership. Building an environment conducive to creativity so that output meets and exceeds expectations.”

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