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The tree care industry is a dangerous one. Overhead power lines, falling branches or trees, and defective equipment are just some of the hazards workers face on a daily basis, according to OSHA.

But arborist and tree trimmer business insurance is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Whether you focus on land clearing, disease management and diagnostics, insect control, trimming and pruning, or all of the above, it’s important to work with an agent who understands your company’s unique coverage needs — and has access to a premier specialty program. Our arborist insurance program is designed specifically for arboriculture professionals, offering more competitive rates and more optimal terms than you’re likely to find elsewhere.

Who needs arborist and tree trimming insurance?

  • Tree pest management professionals
  • Hardscaping professionals

Arborists’ Business Risks

As you evaluate your coverage, it’s important to consider these risks:

  • Bodily injury (as a result of negligence, an equipment problem, or using chemicals or pesticides)
  • Theft or damage of tools, equipment, work vehicles, etc.
  • Property damage
  • Job-related injury


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Types of Insurance for Arborists and Tree Trimmers

Our tree-care clients benefit from the following bundled coverages:

  • General liability, which is highly recommended, is designed to protect your company against any third-party claims of property damage, bodily injury, or advertising injuries/reputational harm.
  • Commercial auto insurance is coverage intended to pay for losses involving cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles incurred in the course of doing business. In Massachusetts, as in most states, this is required coverage.
  • Inland marine insurance protects equipment and materials while in transport.
  • Commercial property insurance covers a wide range of buildings and mixed-use properties. It’s also just one facet of a comprehensive business insurance plan and comes with some significant variables, such as policy limits, named and excluded perils, claims-made versus occurrence, and more.
  • Crime and cyber liability insurance refers to coverage for first party cyber-attacks on a company’s own network (cost of downtime, an IT forensic team restoring the networks, etc.) and provides legal defense and indemnification for third-party breaches.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance requires that all workers are protected in case they suffer a workplace injury or a job-related illness.
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  • Umbrella insurance is backup coverage that can help you pay for your legal defense or court-ordered settlements the limits on other type of insurance are not enough.
  • Professional liability, also known as errors and omissions (E&S) insurance, can protect your company from lawsuits claiming negligence, misrepresentation, violation of good faith and fair dealing, or inaccurate advice. This includes a $1 million limit and consultation services.
  • Snow removal insurance protects your company and vehicles if you’re in the business of removing snow.
  • Cranes (no boom or overload exclusions)
  • Per project aggregate
  • Waivers of subrogation for general liability, auto, and workers’ compensation are provisions wherein the insured waives the right for their insurance provider to seek compensation from a third party for damages related to a claim.
  • Blanket additional insureds – no additional costs
  • Auto broadened pollution coverage addresses environmental liability and can be added to an existing auto policy.
  • Pesticide and herbicide applicator coverage
  • Commercial auto – broadening endorsement
  • Commercial general liability – broadening endorsement
  • Property enhancement endorsement

Factors for Arborist & Tree Trimming Insurance Prices

Every policy is different, but here are some common factors that will affect the price of your coverage:

  • The size of your business
  • Types of services offers — including tree removal
  • Number of employees
  • Whether you own trucks, vehicles, or other equipment

Arborist Insurance Experts Working for You

For more than a decade, our focus on landscapers insurance and arborist insurance has truly set us apart from other local agencies. Our team of experts is available to provide a host of value-added services — including help drafting/revising your safety manuals, conducting onsite trainings, implementing fleet safety protocols, and much more.

In fact, our service team stands beside you, all year long. While other agents might show up once a year (at renewal time), we proactively engage throughout the year, to ensure you get the most from our mid-term reviews, loss control services, and overall risk management strategy. Our approach also ensures that your program is constantly improving. We’re proud members of the Massachusetts Arborists Association and the Massachusetts Association for Landscape Professionals, which means we stay up-to-date on important industry news, information, and trends.

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Why C&S Insurance?

We provide complete coverage for your arborist and tree trimming insurance needs so you can keep your mind on your business knowing you’re covered. You can speak with an agent about your coverage at any of the following locations:

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Most companies in the tree care industry need some type of arborist insurance, including tree removal/land cleaning specialists, tree trimmers and pruners, landscapers, tree pest management profession…

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Why do tree trimmers need insurance?

Workers in the tree care industry face a number of hazards, such as overhead power lines, falling branches or trees, and defective equipment.

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What type of insurance do tree trimming businesses need?

There are many types of bundled coverages, but some of the most important types of insurance include general liability, commercial auto, workers’ compensation, and professional liability.

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