Coastal Business Property Insurance

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Coastal businesses have specific property insurance needs. We’ve been helping Massachusetts coastal businesses find the best coverage at the best price since 1959.

What is coastal business property insurance?

Coastal business property insurance is a stand-alone policy that covers risks associated with coastal properties, such as hurricanes, windstorms, flooding, and erosion. Generally, these are either excluded or undercovered in nearly all commercial property insurance policies due to the higher risks associated with insuring coastal properties.

Who needs coastal business property insurance?

Owners of coastal businesses face unique risks. As a result, they need coverage beyond normal commercial property insurance. If you own a business with property in a coastal zone, then we’d love to help get you covered!

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What does coastal business property insurance cover?

Coastal business property insurance covers everything a typical commercial property insurance policy covers, with additional coverage tailored for the types of risks associated with coastal properties. This offers the convenience of complete coverage, all in one package.


The Best Coverage Around

Our comprehensive coastal business property insurance policies cover damages resulting from coastal perils such as hurricanes, windstorms, flooding, erosion, and more. We understand coastal property valuations tend to be higher; as a result, we offer higher premium options and can tailor a policy to meet your business needs. Add in our expert knowledge of building codes and regulations specific to coastal areas, and you can rest easy knowing your commercial property is covered.

What types of claims aren’t typically covered by commercial property insurance?

Claims related to fire, lightning strikes, tornado damage, water damage, and severe weather are almost always excluded from coverage.

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Why do I need coastal business insurance?

If your business is on or near the coast, then insuring it for the types of severe weather and natural disasters associated with coastal proximity is of paramount importance.

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