Umbrella Insurance in Massachusetts

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umbrella insurance policyUmbrella insurance is a backup coverage that can help you pay for your legal defense or court-ordered settlements if the limits on your home insurance or car insurance are not enough. While many people assume they’ll never need more insurance, recent stats tell a different story. Right now, roughly 13% of personal injury settlements add up to $1 million or more. And yet, most home and auto liability coverages cap at $500,000.

At C&S, we are experts in umbrella insurance for families and business owners. Visit us in Dedham, Mansfield, Bridgewater, or Attleboro to learn more about this important protection. In the event of a lawsuit, legal fees and settlements can bankrupt even the most prepared individual. A personal or professional umbrella insurance policy can help you extend your safety net–and protect the things you worked so hard to build. Read “Do I Need Umbrella Insurance” for a list of common questions and answers.

What does an umbrella insurance policy typically cover?

Many people do not understand what their umbrella policy protects against or why they even need one. Your C&S account manager will take the time to explain this coverage in detail. Generally speaking, a typical plan will protect you against:

  • Claims involving bodily injury and property damage
  • Issues such as libel, slander and defamation of character

Protect yourself today.

An umbrella insurance policy is not just for high-net-worth individuals. An injury that takes place on your property, or from an accident you’ve caused, may not be adequately covered by your standard homeowners or auto insurance policy. A claim from one of these occurrences can wipe out your savings and leave you and your family vulnerable. Discuss an umbrella policy with your C&S Insurance agent. A small investment today could protect your hard-earned investments in the future.