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Why C&S for your MA car insurance needs?

There are four good reasons why it makes sense to call C&S for car, truck, or motorcycle insurance:

  • Our team includes some of the industry’s brightest, most experienced agents. We live and work in Massachusetts, which means we are all up to speed on local requirements and MA RMV policies.
  • Our agency has access to more insurance carriers than most local agents. And we definitely have more options than the direct carriers (those companies that advertise constantly on TV), who will only give you one choice. This means you can often find today’s best car insurance rates and coverages through us.
  • Because we are an independent agency, we will go to bat for you if anything ever goes wrong. We will act as your advocate during the claims process, making sure you get a fair and speedy resolution. Our loyalty is with you, not the insurance carrier.
  • We’re here in your neighborhood! Literally. You can stop by and visit with your agent. You can access our in-house registry services instead of struggling with RMV appointments and lines. When things happen that affect Massachusetts drivers, we’ll keep you posted.

Common Questions about MA Car Insurance

You might not need a car insurance quote today, and that’s perfectly fine. We’re happy to help answer your questions related to driving and owning a vehicle in Massachusetts. If you’re ever ready to rethink your current coverage, we hope you’ll give a call: 508.594.3961. Meanwhile, here are some common questions we receive about MA car insurance:

If you don’t find the answer you need in one of the links above, please don’t hesitate to contact us: 508.594.3961. At C&S, we recognize insurance is not something you think about every day. But when it’s on your mind–because you bought a new car, gained a new driver in your household, sent a child off to college, etc.–you deserve a quick, educated answer.

Need urgent help with a claim? Contact us now.

Outside our regular business hours, press “9” when prompted, to reach our 24/7 call service or contact your carrier directly.

By choosing to find MA car insurance with us, you’ll also gain a dedicated account manager. This person can be an incredible resource for you and your family, not just when you need to file a claim, but when you have any type of policy changes or questions. Our clients tell us it’s much easier and more welcoming to get their C&S account manager on the phone than to dial a 1-800 number for support from one of the big companies.

Pre-Claims Coaching

MA Car Insurance: Required Coverages

People often ask us: how much car insurance do I need? More often than not, they are referring to Massachusetts’ state minimums for car insurance coverage and limits, which are listed below. We do not recommend buying the cheapest car insurance in MA (i.e. buying at the minimum coverage levels). If you’re curious about what these different coverages mean, and why we urge drivers to insure beyond them, here’s a good overview.

  • Bodily Injury to Others (Only covers accidents on public roads inside Massachusetts) – $20,000 per person, $40,000 per accident
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – $8,000 per person
  • Bodily Injury Caused by Insured Auto – $20,000 per person, $40,000 per accident
  • Damage to Someone Else’s Property – $5,000 per accident

MA Car Insurance: Optional Coverages

  • OPTIONAL BODILY INJURY TO OTHERS:  To protect your assets and future income, raising the limits on your bodily injury coverage is a very good idea. This voluntary enhancement also ensures you’re covered for accidents occurring outside Massachusetts or on private roads.
  • MEDICAL PAYMENTS:  This added coverage pays for medical bills that end up being higher than required PIP coverage.
  • COLLISION:  Regardless of fault, this coverage pays for any collision damage to your car up to the actual cash value of the vehicle, less the deductible you select.  The standard deductible is $500.  If you want, you can opt for the Waiver of Deductible endorsement. which eliminates your deductible completely when another party is 50% or more at fault and can be identified.
  • COMPREHENSIVE:  This coverage reimburses you for damage to your car that happens without being involved in a collision. For example, a fire, a fallen tree, complete or partial theft (e.g. catalytic converter theft), vandalism, flood water, broken glass, etc.
  • SUBSTITUTE TRANSPORTATION:  This coverage pays for car rental expenses when you can’t use your vehicle because of a collision or a comprehensive coverage claim. during the loss of use by collision of loss to which comprehensive coverage applies.  Your car must be disabled more than 24 hours before coverage applies.
  • TOWING AND LABOR:  This coverage pays a limited amount toward towing and labor performed at the place of disablement.
  • BODILY INJURY CAUSED BY AN UNDERINSURED AUTO:  Protects you and your family for bodily injury sustained as a result of an accident with a driver who is at fault and has inadequate insurance limits to pay your loss.

How Much Is Car Insurance in MA?

There’s no one price for car insurance in Massachusetts. We all pay different rates, based on a series of unique rating factors: the type of vehicle we choose, where we park it, how safely we drive, etc. But that doesn’t mean you’re powerless in seeking lower rates. Many drivers qualify for one or more car insurance discounts. Discounts vary from one carrier to the next. One company may offer 5% off, where another offers 10% for the same factor. Ask your C&S agent if you think you might qualify for any of the following and which discounts you’re already getting.

  • Bundling Discount (Combining Auto & Home Insurance with the Same Carrier)
  • Multi-Car Discount
  • Automatic Bill Pay Discount
  • Energy-Saving Hybrid or Electric Car Discount
  • Crash Prevention/Defensive Driving Training Discount (Read more about teaching teens to drive.)
  • Disappearing Deductible
  • Occasional Driver Discount (e.g. Student Away at School)
  • Good Student Discount
  • Low Mileage Discount
  • Theft-Deterrent Discount

Facts & Stats that Affect Massachusetts Car Insurance

In Massachusetts, 6.2% of drivers are uninsured. That might sound low, but it translates into more than 1 in 25 drivers on the road…without any insurance. And in a post-pandemic economy, the figure might actually be much higher. Ask your agent if you’re adequately insured, in case of a collision with an uninsured or underinsured driver.

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The top 10 cities for car theft in Massachusetts are Springfield, Worcester, Brockton, Lowell, Lawrence, Fall River, New Bedford, Lynn, Chicopee, and Cambridge. If you live in one of these places (or even if you don’t), parking your vehicle in a garage and maintaining an alarm system will discourage thieves, which could lower your insurance rate. Ask your agent about theft-detterent auto insurance discounts.


There were 335 fatal collisions on Massachusetts roadways in 2020. The same number as in 2019, despite a 50% reduction in traffic, due to COVID-19. Researchers think drivers have let their guard down, with less congestion on our highways and turnpikes. We urge you to stay cautious—and remind inexperienced drivers to stay cautious—no matter when or where you are driving.

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Car Insurance Quotes MA

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: you shouldn’t buy car insurance online. Please don’t do it. Please? There are just too many details (terms, exclusions, personal considerations) that need to be discussed with a licensed, local agent. So while it may be tempting to enter your name and a few other tidbits into an online quoting tool, you are much better off sending that same info to an independent agency like ours.


Will we get you an auto quote in five minutes? Probably not. But we’ll get you something much better: a series of options that include optimal coverage limits and a dedicated expert who will be your point person going forward. (By the way, if you’re curious who these experts are, we invite you to meet our team. You won’t find a team page highlighting actual people on other car insurance websites because most of the time, when you need answers, you’ll be connected to a call center of part-time operators, working somewhere across the country.)

So give us a call: 508.339.2951. Or fill out the car insurance quote request form on this page.

We provide complete coverage for your car insurance needs so you can keep your mind on your business knowing you’re covered. You can speak with an agent about your coverage at any of the following locations:

Our Clients Say it Best

C&S has been handling my family’s insurance needs for over 10 years. Everyone there is always very courteous, professional, and helpful. In an era where many businesses drive their customers to call centers and websites, C&S has continued to deliver the personal attention and service promised over a decade ago.

Neal Minahan