Professional Liability Insurance

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Professional Liability insurance, commonly known as Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance, can protect your company from lawsuits claiming negligence, misrepresentation, violation of good faith and fair dealing, or inaccurate advice.

Depending on your field, you may be required to secure a Massachusetts Professional Liability insurance policy. The experienced team at C&S Insurance will walk you through this important requirement, determine what is necessary for your organization, and then provide you with a policy that safeguards you from loss.

Professional Liability Insurance: Spotlight on the Green Industry

Lots of professional groups can benefit from E&O insurance: accountants, architects, real estate agents, IT consultants, engineers, financial advisors, graphic designers, and more. But the green industry, in particular, encounters some unique E&O exposures. Meanwhile, many landscapers and arborists overlook professional liability insurance, which can protect their companies against installation mistakes, bad advice, faulty products, and incidents of negligence (actual or alleged).

For example, let’s say an arborist crew cuts down the wrong tree or installs a dozen trees that ultimately damage the client’s patio, driveway, or utility pipes. Fixing this damage would typically fall beyond the scope of any general liability coverage. In fact, many general liability policies carry a professional services exclusion, putting repair/replacement expenses back on your shoulders.

A recent article from Total Landscape Care emphasizes, “E&O insurance is especially important for those in the green industry… Many commercial general liability (CGL) insurance policies don’t include E&O coverage; if they do, the amount is not very large. The risk is great for those who do not have E&O insurance…”

Wondering if your job title warrants E&O coverage? Email us at for quick answers.

Professional Liability Insurance: Not Always Included

Be careful not to assume your CGL policy or BOP automatically addresses professional liability. While this type of coverage may be added as an endorsement, it’s not typically part of your commercial general liability or business owner’s bundle. If you work from a home-based business, you should also make a point to ask your agent about E&O. Home-based business insurance involves special considerations that are worth discussing with a local professional. Call us at 508.339.2951 for more information.