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Landscaping business insurance is no one’s favorite topic. We won’t pretend it’s fun. And we understand landscapers are necessarily focused on many other issues…

For example, if you’re newly starting out, you’re much more concerned with how to grow your client base. If you’re established, your primary challenges probably revolve around finding qualified, reliable employees and outshining the fly-by-night competitors who seem to crop up every day. And yet, your landscaper insurance policies can help you in these areas too.


What are the major risks for a landscaping business?

“What could go wrong?” said every underinsured landscaper before venturing into a project without the proper coverage in place. Turns out, lots of things can go wrong. Employee injuries, client property damage, collisions with company vehicles, slip and fall incidents after a snow removal job; these are just the obvious risks.
Since it’s difficult to quantify the likelihood of all possible bad-news scenarios, let’s look at some actual landscaping loss data. According to claims figures published in Lawn & Landscape magazine, landscapers’ most common insurance claims rank as follows:

  • Workers’ comp claims: 38%
  • Commercial auto claims: 38%
  • General liability claims: 16%
  • Equipment theft claims: 8%

What kind of insurance do you need for a landscaping business?

Here in Massachusetts, there are two required forms of coverage. It would be illegal to operate your landscaping business and not carry:


Several other types of insurance for landscapers are highly recommended. It would be inadvisable to perform landscaping services without carrying:

  • General Liability & Property Insurance, or a Business Owners Policy (BOP), which combines these two coverages (often along with other coverages)
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Tools & Equipment a.k.a. Inland Marine
  • Snowplow Insurance (if you perform snow or ice management services)
  • Herbicide & Pesticide Application/Pollution Liability

Finally, there’s a third category of recommended coverages that make sense for any business to carry. These coverages are not specific to landscaping or horticultural work, but the loss events they address can certainly happen to landscapers. And in fact, some types of claims on this list are very clearly on the rise:


To see how your current insurance plan addresses the exposures above, give our experts a call: 508-594-3424. We’re happy to explain what you have and what’s prudent to carry, based on your unique operating model.

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What does insurance for landscapers cost?

As you can imagine, landscapers pay a wide range for insurance. The question is not unlike asking “what does a leaf blower cost?” You could pay several hundred up to several thousand dollars, depending on what you expect to get in return.

Pricing for landscaper insurance depends on a few key factors:

  • The size of your company (annual gross sales and employee count)
  • The services you offer (riskier offerings like tree service and snow/ice removal can add to the cost)
  • The coverage limits you select (Is $1M in coverage enough?
  • The number and type of vehicles in your fleet
  • Your experience and history in the industry (including past insurance claims)

If you’re concerned about how much landscaping business insurance costs, it’s a good idea to seek advice for a team that specializes in your industry. Whereas some agents may only have one option (and one price) for your program, our team has access to a long list of carriers willing to write coverage for landscapers. This means more competitive pricing and oftentimes flexible payment options (like pay-as-you-go workers comp), which can help seasonal businesses manage cash flow.

Our landscapers’ insurance program is a comprehensive risk management solution, designed to address the unique needs of Massachusetts landscapers.

Our landscapers’ insurance team represents decades of experience in the green industry. As proud members of the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals, we understand the risks that emerge from landscaping equipment, tree work, herbicides and pesticides, hardscape projects, snow plowing, and more. Ask us to review your current rates and coverage today.

Landscaper Insurance program highlights include:

  • Loss Prevention & Risk Management:
    On-going risk management and loss prevention support–including employee training and communication programs.
  • Claims Management:
    Our carriers offer fast and efficient resolutions for all claims. Our job is to work directly with you, the policyholder, throughout the claims process, to ensure each and every claim is handled fairly.
  • Competitive Premiums: 
    We believe that you should understand how your premium is calculated, and the necessary steps to lower the overall cost of your insurance program.
  • Service:
    Our team of 25 professionals understands the rigors of the landscaping industry. Whether you need an immediate issuance of certificates of insurance or a renewal license plate ASAP, we will address your needs promptly and efficiently, so that you can focus on your work.
Our Clients Say it Best

I originally gave C&S a chance to be my insurance company because they were able to save me a large amount of money, which was definitely a great thing. What I now know of their company, and what is more important to my business in the long run, is the incredible service they provide. The few times I have needed to file a claim, C&S was so attentive and supportive with every step of the claims process. They make me feel like I’m their only customer, and that’s a rare accomplishment in today’s business environment.

Peter Narsasian
Owner, P.A. Narsasian Landscaping