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Industry-Leading Loss Control Services at No Additional Cost

It’s easy to shop around for the cheapest possible price, to cut corners, and keep your fingers crossed that the unexpected never occurs. However, as insurance agents, our job is to reduce your overall risk profile and minimize the cost of your program. The fastest way to reduce risk and limit cost is to implement a thorough loss control program.

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Each client’s program is completely customizable, but may include any or all of the following:

  • Claims evaluation and development of safety programs
  • Development or review of hiring procedures and driver evaluation
  • Individualized, on-site, safety training
  • Quarterly, on-site, loss-control meetings
  • Review or development of fleet policies and procedures
  • Behavioral tracking; such as speed limit violations, hard turns, texting, etc.
  • Installation of vehicle cameras
  • Medical Cost Containment—Return to work programs
  • Development of a claims management process that monitors claims and insures that they are closed in a timely manner
  • Access to on-demand and live training videos
  • Weekly webinars
Why C&S Insurance?

We provide complete coverage for your loss control service needs so you can keep your mind on your business knowing you’re covered. You can speak with an agent about your coverage at any of the following locations: