Condo Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Condo Insurance?

Specific insurance for condominium owners, a subset of home insurance, protects your home and property inside of it.

Why Do I Need Condo Insurance?

A common misconception among new condo buyers is that the condo association’s master insurance policy covers your personal belongings and the interior of your unit. Some associations cover only the building’s structure, such as the roof and adjoining walls. Some go so far as to include the plumbing, electrical, and sewer systems. Others only protect and maintain the development’s common grounds.


What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

A typical Massachusetts condo insurance policy will cover:

  • Permanent fixtures inside your condo
  • Personal property inside or outside of your condo
  • Expenses you may incur in the event that your condo is unusable due to a loss
  • Bodily injury caused by you, your immediate family living with you, or your pet
  • Legal responsibility or court expenses incurred in the event you are sued for bodily injury or property damage as a result of your negligence
  • Accidental damage you may have caused to someone else’s property
  • Medical payment to others for injuries that occur at your condo or are caused by you or your pet
What Massachusetts Residents Need a Condo Policy?

We recommend that every Massachusetts resident living in a condo has a condo policy. Although it’s not required by Massachusetts law, most condo associations will require you to have coverage. When considering condo insurance carriers, it’s important to know what’s included — and what’s not, such as upgrades to internal units including doors and windows, falls, or other accidents outside the condo.

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What is Loss Assessment?

Loss assessment is an optional coverage that you can add on to a home or condo insurance policy. It helps protect you if you’re responsible for a portion of damage or loss in a common area.

What is Special Coverage?

With special coverage, perils that aren’t typically covered by property insurance will be covered, such as water damage from a waterbed leaking or a damaged fish tank.

Condo Insurance Discounts

Depending on the carrier, you may be eligible for a condo insurance discount if you bundle it with car insurance. There may also be specific carrier discounts, like an online purchase discount.

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What Factors Influence a Condo Policy Rate?

There are many factors that may influence a condo policy rate, including:


Value of property inside the unit


Location & size of the condominium


Features in a condominium


Past claims history of the policyholder

What Does the HO-6 on a Condominium Insurance Policy Stand For?

The HO-6 stands for coverage for those who own a condo or co-op. It covers your belongings and building structure. Also called additions and alterations, this policy covers changes or renovations to the inside of your unit, finished basement, or the like.

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Additional Coverage Option Examples

Why C&S Insurance?

At C&S insurance, we don’t just hand everyone the same list of coverage options. We take the time to get to know you and your insurance needs and determine the best choices for you. We can also review your condo insurance documents and decipher the fine print to help determine what coverages you need — and what’s already covered.

We provide complete coverage for your condo insurance needs so you can keep your mind on your business knowing you’re covered. You can speak with an agent about your coverage at any of the following locations:

What is condo insurance?

Condo insurance is a type of insurance specifically for condominium homeowners.

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Do I need condo insurance in Massachusetts?

Condo insurance is not required by Massachusetts law, but we recommend that everyone has it. Most condo associations will require you to have a condo insurance policy.

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What is loss assessment?

Loss assessment is an optional coverage that you can add on to a home or condo insurance policy.

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Do I need home insurance and condo insurance?

No. Since condo insurance is a type of homeowners insurance, one or the other is sufficient.

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