MA Workers Comp

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MA WORKERS COMP INSURANCE UPDATE: Have you heard about the WCRIB’s test audit program? Ask our team for more information on if/how a test audit might affect your workers’ comp insurance program in 2019.

In Massachusetts, it is required that businesses have workers’ compensation insurance to protect their employees and themselves, if they are an employee of their company.

At C&S Insurance, we understand the complex issues surrounding MA workers comp and what’s at stake for business owners if an employee is injured on the job. Our commercial business team has devised a multi-dimensional approach to controlling risk and containing cost, by focusing on:

  • Loss Control Services
  • Dividend and Discount Programs
  • Claims Management
  • Policy Analysis and Premium Recovery
  • Medical Cost Containment
  • Employer Education

Our Approach to MA Workers Comp Insurance

Loss Prevention and Risk Management: The surest way to reduce your workers’ comp expense is to not have claims. We believe that up to 90% of claims occur due to unsafe behavior not unsafe conditions. Our loss control services are among the most effective and comprehensive in the area.

Dividend and Discount Programs: Many classes of Massachusetts businesses qualify for rate deviations, dividends, and discount programs. Some classes of business will see discounts as high as 40%!

Claims Management: Our carriers offer fast, efficient, and fair resolution of Massachusetts workers’ comp claims. Our job is to work directly with the policyholder during the claims process and insure that each and every claim is handled fairly. Minimizing claims is the key to preventing increases in future premiums.

Policy Analysis and Premium Recovery: Each client receives a detailed analysis of their current workers’ comp program that outlines credits, modification factors, employee classifications, and claims history. The data can be used to create new cost savings programs AND to check for over charges in past years that can be fully returned to the insured.

Medical Cost Containment: Through the use of return-to-work programs, both direct and indirect costs can be contained. The claim is minimized which reduces costs and the employer gets the added benefit of the employee’s productivity.

Employer Education: Our belief is that too few employers understand the impact their actions can and will have on workers’ compensation costs. Our job is to educate the client and provide the necessary tools to controlling risk and containing cost.

MA Workers Comp: Spotlight on Experience Mod

A key to understanding your workers’ compensation premium is the experience modification factor, also known as your “mod.” Understanding your company’s mod and the data used to obtain it helps you identify ways to minimize your premium. For example, your mod is calculated based on data reported to the rating bureau by past insurers. Incorrect or incomplete data can cause incorrect mod factors. Let us review your loss and payroll data to ensure the calculation is complete and accurate. Call 508.339.2951 for a complimentary evaluation.