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renters insurance in massachusetts

Got MA renter’s insurance questions? Our team is here for you.

We insure more than 20,000 individuals and families. Many of them rent apartments or houses in Massachusetts. If you rent living space in the Bay State, we hope you’ll reach out for a quote or for a review of your current insurance plan. Our agency has access to a long list of top-tier insurance carriers. This means we can help you shop around for better terms and (often times) better rates.

Below are just a few of the questions we answer for renters, every day:

How Does MA Renter’s Insurance Protect My Stuff at Home?

Theft. Fire. Burst pipes or sprinkler systems… There are dozens of ways your possessions can get damaged, or otherwise need to be replaced. MA renter’s insurance covers all the big ones. Ask our experts to outline your coverage options, including recommended coverage limits and the types of losses different policies will address.

What about Protection from Lawsuits?

If a guest is injured at your home, bitten by your dog, or files a lawsuit for some other reason, renter’s insurance may help with the legal defense costs and/or the settlement. FYI: dog-related claims are among the most common. Learn more about renters insurance with a dog.

Will a Renter’s Policy Protect My Stuff on the Road?

Do you travel for work or vacation? If your luggage gets lost or stolen, your Massachusetts renter’s insurance will probably cover the loss.

What Does Renter’s Insurance Cost?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average premium for MA renter’s insurance is less than $200 (as of 2017). Your rates could be higher or lower, depending on where your rental is located and other factors.

Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Everyone in the Apartment?

This is an important question–especially for folks who live with roommates or significant others who are not spouses. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea for each tenant to purchase and maintain his/her own policy. But you do have the option of adding other household members to your renter’s insurance. Learn more about insurance for unmarried couples, or contact our team of Massachusetts agents to get personalized advice on your situation.

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