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GC insurance (2)General contractor insurance should provide more than just a safety net in case something goes wrong. Top GC insurance agents have the tools and experience to effectively lower your risks and prevent loss events from happening in the first place. Need help outlining your safety policies or keeping up with the latest regulations? Looking for ways to rein in workers’ compensation costs? Your insurance agent should raise his hand before you have to ask.

Our GC insurance group will partner with your team to optimize your risk management efforts, while recommending steps to boost productivity and profitability. Curious to hear what we’d recommend for your business? Give us a call at 508.339.2951, or complete the quote form on this page.

Going Beyond Basic GC Insurance

Here’s just a short list of what makes us different from other general contractor agencies:

Industry Knowledge

Our construction group represents decades of experience in contractor and subcontractor insurance. Beyond securing optimal coverage at the industry’s most competitive rate, we’ll provide insights and resources to ensure your insurance program is playing a clear role in your company’s success.

Top-Tier Carrier Relationships

We’re well-versed on today’s GC insurance products and options. And because of our longstanding relationships with many of the industry’s leading carriers, we’re uniquely poised to negotiate on your behalf.

Responsive, Efficient Service

We’re not just easy to work with; we pride ourselves on handling yoru requests—from everyday questions to serious claims—with speed and urgency. A lot of service teams like to tell clients how important they are. We want you to experience first-priority status, starting from day one.

Customer Service that Never Sleeps

Collisions and other loss events don’t follow regular business hours. For any time you can’t get us on the phone immediately, our CSR24 client portal provides a host of self-service options. If you need to review your policy information, report a First Notice of Loss, or issue a certificate on the fly, you can get it done. You can also track subcontractors’ certificates to make sure they have proper coverage.