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A Bit about Our Massachusetts Insurance Agency

Here at C&S, we are the perfect combination of old and new-school insurance. We’re still a local, neighborhood agency (staffed by people who know your name and sponsor your kids’ sports teams). But we’re also a fast-growing, statewide agency with a vast set of resources and capabilities. We offer best-in-class personal insurance and business insurance, because we’re able to leverage our many carrier relationships and talented team members. All this spells better coverage and pricing for you.

So how did we get here? It’s a pretty great story…

Our Agency History

Ben Cavallo and Frank Signoriello opened their Massachusetts insurance agency in 1959, in the heart of Mansfield, MA. Both men were accountants, working for CPA firms in Boston. They used to commute into town on the same rush-hour train, and often discussed their common work experiences. One day, Frank told Ben about an insurance agency his firm was auditing. The concept of an agency to protect families and businesses sounded compelling. They decided to make a go of it. Fast forward forty-something years later…


Massachusetts insurance agency founders and owners


Second-generation owners, Ben Cavallo and Keith Signoriello, entered the business in 2004 and assumed management in 2006. Since then, they have pursued many opportunities for growth and improvement. The two have completed multiple acquisitions, purchasing Corbett Insurance, Slattery Insurance, Currivan Insurance, Colonial Insurance, F.M. Walley, and most recently (drum roll, please!) Estabrook and Chamberlain of Bridgewater.

Our agency now maintains four office locations: Mansfield, Attleboro, Dedham and Bridgewater. (Get the update on our Foxboro insurance office). We currently insure more than 20,000 local families and businesses. And the Boston Business Journal counts us among Massachusetts’ largest insurance brokers.

What We’re Up to Lately

Though we’ve grown, we still believe in the importance of knowing our clients’ names, going out of our way to be helpful, and most important: looking out for our neighbors. To this end, our agency is actively involved in supporting local fire and police departments, youth sports, music, community arts, and a variety of nonprofits with missions that matter to our team. Learn more about our community involvement.

We also recommend that you browse our blog library, where you can find easy answers to some of today’s most common insurance questions (e.g. how much you need, what’s covered, insuring teens and college students, Massachusetts RMV answers, etc.).

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