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Common Questions about MA Home Insurance

Home insurance is one of those things most people never think about–until they need it. And while we won’t pretend it’s the world’s most fascinating reading material, we do think there are a few key topics every Massachusetts homeowner should understand. So, click through this list of FAQs as you need them, or take a few moments to brush up on your Home Insurance 101 right now. You might uncover something worth discussing with your agent.

What does Massachusetts home insurance cover?

Policies can vary quite a bit. It would be almost impossible (and very boring) to list all the different sections of different home insurance policies here. The following bullets will give you an idea of the main categories of protection home insurance is intended to provide:

  • Dwelling Coverage: coverage for the physical structure(s) on your property, e.g. the house or building and anything attached to it
  • Property Coverage: coverage for the possessions you own inside the house or building
  • Liability Coverage: coverage for any injuries or damages that occur on your property (or possibly even elsewhere)
  • Additional Living Expenses Coverage: coverage to pay for lodging expenses if you are displaced by a disaster on your property

Why choose C&S for help with your MA home insurance?

Whether you are in the process of buying a house or looking at alternative coverage options for your current house, C&S offers all the advantages of working with a local, independent agent. What are those advantages? So glad you asked!

  • With a local agent you get dedicated support from someone who knows your name, your family, and your property. Instead of dialing into a call center or self-service menu, you can dial up your account manager directly. This is super helpful when you’re coordinating a new home purchase, filing a home insurance claim, or dealing with life changes that affect your coverage.
  • Local, independent agents can give you more carrier options to choose from. For example, here at C&S we work with more than a dozen companies who write MA home insurance policies. Options are nice to have if your insurance needs are unique or complex, if your home insurance ever gets non-renewed, if you’re looking to bundle your auto/boat/trailer insurance, etc.
  • Massachusetts agents understand Massachusetts home insurance. It’s as simple as that. We know the kinds of risks that local property owners encounter (floods, hurricanes, frozen pipes, ice dams, sewer backups), and we keep our clients informed when New England weather or other local trends threaten to impact our neighbors’ homes and condos. We’ll remind you (in our quarterly newsletters) when it’s time to clean the gutters, inspect your trees, check for termites, clean your chimney and dryer vent: all the steps that help prevent home insurance claims from arising the first place.

Insurance for Every Kind of Household

Homes come in many shapes and sizes. At C&S Insurance, we have experience insuring all of them. Apartments, condos, historic homes, energy-efficient homes, high-value homes, beach houses, rental units, houses with in-law apartments: we guarantee we’ve helped someone with a property like yours before. And in many of these cases, we’re uniquely skilled at mapping out the appropriate coverages with a specialty carrier.  Whether you are buying your first home or condo, renting an apartment, or purchasing an investment property, read more about our experience in these distinct housing categories:


Keep in mind, home insurance is not a one-size-fits-all purchase. When you work with C&S, your dedicated insurance agent will take the time to learn about your home in detail. She will explain the different kinds of losses that can be covered, along with recommended coverage limits for your possessions, your personal liability, and your home itself. She’ll then shop for today’s best rates, on your behalf, leveraging our access to a long list of different insurance carriers.

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