Commercial Property Insurance in Massachusetts

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We’ll create a commercial property insurance plan that protects your business, whether your needs involve a retail shop, restaurant, warehouse, craft brewery, or multi-unit apartment buildings.

Commercial property insurance is just one facet of a comprehensive business insurance plan. While it can be purchased on its on, most often this type of coverage is “bundled” into a broader program, including general liability coverage for any bodily injury or damage to the property of others. More complex than personal property insurance (i.e. home insurance), commercial property insurance comes with some significant variables–policy limits, named and excluded perils, claims-made versus occurrence, and more; each of these variables should be examined and evaluated by a local professional. Call our team for more information: 508.339.2951.

Beyond Commercial Property Insurance: Additional Coverage to Consider

Even if your property insurance is bundled into a commercial general liability (CGL) policy, there are probably some remaining business risks you haven’t addressed yet. The links below provide an introduction to some of today’s common exposures. Ask us to explain if/how your operation should handle: