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  • building ordinance insurance helps protect property owners

    Building Ordinance Insurance for Massachusetts Property Owners

    Do you have Building Ordinance Insurance a.k.a. Ordinance or Law Coverage for your property? If you’re not sure, it’s a good question to ask your Massachusetts insurance agency. Here’s why… Imagine a fire breaks out in your company building. Half of the building is destroyed. Your contractor informs you that repairing the structural and cosmetic […]

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  • Termites in Massachusetts and New England Properties

    For Massachusetts homeowners and business owners, the spring season ushers in a familiar list of chores: spring cleaning, landscaping, lawn care, painting, etc. But there’s one item all too often missing from this list, and it could be costing you more money with each passing day… That’s why this week –March 12 to March 18— […]

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