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  • Why You Need to Switch Your Business Website to HTTPS

    Written by Liz O’Neill

    If you’re not the world’s most tech-savvy business owner, you may have missed the boat on the HTTP versus HTTPS discussion. Don’t worry. We’re here to fill you in. Here’s what’s happening: What is HTTP? Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the protocol through which data is sent from a person’s desktop or smart phone to the […]

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  • "Password" and "12345" are some of last year's worst passwords

    Prevent Cyber Attacks. Know the Worst Passwords of 2017.

    Are you taking steps to prevent cyber attacks? It may seem like an overwhelming task, especially for families and small companies. But data breaches and cyber crime are too serious to ignore. Today’s criminals can hack into your personal or business data in any number of creepy ways—including phishing, spoofing, exploiting outdated software, and executing something called a “brute force” […]

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  • Cyber attacks on small businesses aren't always this obvious

    Cyber Attack Insurance FAQs

    UPDATE: The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the risk of cyber attacks on organizations of all sizes, especially as some 56% of employees are now working from home.  According to Security Magazine: 25% of workers don’t know which security protocols are in place on their devices 20% said their IT teams did not supply ANY security […]

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  • Cyber Liability Insurance for Small Businesses

    HEADS UP FOR BUSINESS OWNERS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Key Considerations with Many Employees Working from Home Check with your business insurance agent and/or cyber liability insurance company to see if/how employees would be covered when working from home (especially with some using personal devices). There may be a gap in your coverage during this […]

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