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  • getting ready for ma workers comp audit

    The MA Workers’ Comp Test Audit Program

    Does your Massachusetts business maintain a workers’ comp program?  If yes, the following announcement from the WCRIBMA pertains to you. Keep reading to learn about the MA workers’ comp test audit program… Who is WCRIBMA? WCRIBMA is the Workers Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau of Massachusetts. The WCRIBMA is a non-profit group of insurers, tasked […]

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  • preventing heat illness among employees

    Heat Stress Management: Advice for Employers

    Heat stress management should be an essential piece of your employee safety program. (If you don’t already have a safety program/manual, we can help you create one. Just contact our business insurance team.) Unfortunately, with the warmer weather comes an increased risk for heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and heat stroke, especially among outside workers like […]

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  • home-based business owners need special insurance

    Home-Based Business Insurance: Who Needs It?

    If you own a home-based business or you’re thinking of starting one, you’re in good company. According to SBA statistics, Americans own about 28.8 million small businesses—and half of them are at-home businesses. The most common types of home-based businesses include information, construction, and professional service firms. But today’s entrepreneurs are getting creative, turning some […]

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  • MA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Info for Business Owners

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    If you own a business in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, and you employ at least one person, you are legally required to secure workers’ compensation insurance. In fact, you’re required to display a Notice to Employees poster somewhere in your workplace, communicating the name and contact information of your workers’ comp insurance company. Your insurance policy must […]

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