Chuck Quealy Joins C&S Insurance as Agency’s COO

Chuck Quealy, COO of C&S InsuranceEveryone is hungry for a bit of good news this spring, so our latest hire couldn’t have come at a better time. (Discounting the wild rainstorm that knocked out our server on his first day.)

C&S Insurance is thrilled to announce the newest member of our team: Chuck Quealy, COO. Yesterday we sat down with Chuck (distantly) to learn more about who he is and what he’s got up his sleeve.

C&S: How long have you been in insurance?

CQ: I worked at Roblin Insurance for the past 27+ years. Prior to that, I was at Driscoll Pearce for 8+ years. So, the math says 35+ yrs in insurance.

C&S: (Yup. The math checks out.)

C&S: What will your new role as COO entail?

CQ: To me, the goal of operations is to make everyone else more productive, with the ultimate goal of improving our team for our clients. At C&S I’ll be reviewing all systems, workflows and procedures–making recommendations and changes as needed. I think my background in personal lines, commercial lines,  accounting and claims will prove useful to all the agency’s departments.

C&S: What are you most excited about?

CQ: I’m excited for a new adventure! Ben and Keith really made a great impression on me and every time I talk with another C&S employee, it’s the same!

C&S: Where are you from? Who’s in your family?

CQ: I live in Plainville, but still consider myself a Northshore person. I’ve been happily married to my wife, Jensine, for 33 years. (And while we’re on the record, I am proud to say I have NEVER forgotten my anniversary. Though in fairness, our wedding day was the day the ball rolled through Bill Buckner’s legs. So. I have a painful reminder.)

I have three grown children: Kelsey (a nurse practitioner) and her husband Eric, Matthew, and Maggie. I have three grandchildren from my oldest: twins Connor and Charlotte (2 ½) and 6-month-old Ethan. And I can’t forget Hugo, my black Lab mix. My son Matthew is getting married this September. My youngest is a special needs aide at Newton South High School. She also  sings professionally.

C&S: What are your personal interests and hobbies?

CQ: I’m a fan of all local sports teams: the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, and Celtics (in that order). But in childhood I was a fan of the Purple People Eaters. I also enjoy watching rugby and consider myself “Team Belichek.”  In my free time I run a travel softball program for King Philip families.

C&S: Favorite movie or binge-worthy TV show?

CQ: I love Turner Movie Classics (TMC), but favorite terrible movies are the ones I enjoyed with my daughter, Maggie. The current binge-worthy show for me is Ozark.

C&S: When should C&S team members contact you?

Any time you think there’s a better way to do something or you’re wondering, “why we do it that way?”