Golfing with the Mass Nurses Association and MNF

By: Ben Cavallo, CIC, AAI, CISR

Together with partner Keith Signoriello, Ben Cavallo is the principal and co-owner of C&S Insurance.

Earlier this month we had the opportunity to support an important, local cause. Together with the Mass Nurses Association, the Massachusetts Nurses Foundation (MNF) works to promote scholarship and research in nursing. This year’s Rosemary Smith Memorial Golf Tournament was another successful effort—and we were lucky to be a part of it!

Our fearless team (Matt Montesano, Shayne Marks, and Conor Mahoney) braved heavy rain and unseasonal temps to represent C&S, while raising money for a great cause. No word yet on total funds collected for nursing scholarships and grants, but we know MNF’s educational assistance is key to many professionals in the Bay State’s nursing workforce.

At present, due to a shortage of qualified nurses and/or hospital budget cuts, many facilities stretch their nursing teams dangerously thin. More nurses with advanced training and education can also help to stem the shortage of primary care physicians, which is expected to exceed 20,000 PCPs by 2020.

Here at C&S, we’re proud to be the state’s leading provider of home and car insurance for RNs, specializing in nurses’ insurance discounts. And we’re already looking forward to the Mass Nurses Association’s next event!