How to Make an Insurance Claim

By: Keith J. Signoriello

Keith Signoriello is the owner and principal of C&S Insurance, along with co-owner Ben Cavallo.

home insurance claim form with glasses and a pen

Last winter, many of us had to make a claim, whether it was for the home, the family car, or the business.

Fortunately, it is now easier than ever to make a claim. C&S Insurance is more than happy to assist with processing a personal or business claim, or even answer any questions you may have regarding a current or previously filed claim. Many of our valued carriers also have 24-hour reporting available online or by the phone during non-business hours.

24/7 Customer Service for Claims

To better service you, we also have a 24/7 call customer service call center. If you ever need to make a claim during non-business hours, please call us at 508-339-2951 and select 9, at this point in time you will be transferred to C&S 24/7 and one of the representatives there will assist you.

Is Your Insurance Company Working Hard Enough for You?

A good insurance company does more than just sign you up and forget your name. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what you get with many of the big-name companies. Discover the value of a local, independent agent, who can save you money AND go to work for you on needs like Massachusetts RMV services.

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