How to Prepare for a Storm

By: Mary Steeb, CISR, CPIW

Mary loves to explain insurance in terms that her customers can understand so that they can make informed decisions about their coverage.

hurricane approaching florida and mexico


You may not be able to control the weather, but you can control how prepared you are for it – follow these helpful tips on how to prepare for a storm to keep you, your family, and your property safe this storm season:

Step 1: Bring in lightweight objects

  • Anchor securely or bring indoors anything that might blow away or be torn loose (garbage cans, lawn furniture, awnings, etc.)
  • If you live in a mobile home, check the tie-downs and leave immediately

Step 2: Secure your windows

  • Board-up or shutter large windows
  • Implement strong bracing for outside doors

Step 3: Tend to your pool

  • If you have a pool, add extra chlorine to it  to prevent contamination
  • Lower the pool’s water level to prepare for increase rainfall

Step 4: Secure your boat

  • Secure your boat to its trailer
  • Use tiedowns to anchor the trailer to the ground or your house

Step 5: Evacuate coastal areas

  • Get away from beaches or locations which may be swept by high tides
  • If passage to high ground is over a road likely to be underwater, leave early

For more helpful information about preparing for a storm or hurricane, visit WCVB TV website. If you have questions about protecting your home and property from storms, call us at 508.339.2951.

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