Ice Dams, Back Again?

icicles of the roof of a house
The Farmer’s Almanac predicted that starting in February we were in for a tough winter, so it’s not surprising that we’ve already had two pretty large snow storms. As many of us learned last year, if the conditions are right, an ice dam can practically form overnight. Buildup of snow on a roof can create dangerous ice dams and costly insurance claims. These ice dams might create beautiful icicles but they can tear off gutters, loosen shingles, and cause water to back up into your house. Here are some prevention tips, quick fixes, and long-term repairs from the pros at This Old House.

  • Rake snow off with a long-handled aluminum rook rake (safely while standing on the ground) to avoid snow buildup on the roof.
  • To help prevent ice dams from forming, remove, seal, or relocate heat sources in the attic that are causing now to melt

For more helpful tips on how to permanently prevent ices dams from forming visit:
This Old House: Preventing Ice Dams

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