Smarter Landscaping Insurance: A Case Study

By: Lisa DoVale-Fonseca, CISR, CRIS, PWCAM

I’m passionate about providing the best possible experience I can for my clients. Lisa has worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years.

Landscaping insurance is NOT the same wherever you go. Much like the landscaping services you provide, our services require serious knowledge and expertise. In fact, business owners can run into huge differences in pricing and service quality, if they don’t vet (and regularly re-evaluate) the partners they choose.

Need an example? Read the true story below or view this infographic for a quick recap. Believe it or not, this is not the only example we’ve seen–not by a long shot–of someone settling for subpar landscaping insurance:


C&S Insurance was contacted by a large, Massachusetts landscaping company (with an insurance premium of roughly $250K). The company was being “non-renewed,” due to several slip-and-fall claims they had accrued as a result of their snow plowing operations.


The landscaper’s incumbent agent delivered a renewal policy with a MAJOR increase in premium. The company asked us to review this proposal, to help determine if the rate increase was unavoidable. Our findings? Not only was the quote unnecessarily high, the renewal proposal EXCLUDED snow plow liability, even though plowing represented a significant portion of the landscaper’s business. So they’d be getting less coverage (including some pretty essential protection) for a lot more money.


With only three weeks left until the renewal deadline, C&S was able to put together an alternative proposal. Our program delivered $50,000 in savings, with all the same coverages in place AND the proper snow plow liability insurance included.


Ultimately, the company decided to work with C&S… and not just because of the difference in our landscaping insurance quote…

Their previous agent had simply renewed their policies each year. Zero risk management advice. Zero program review. They weren’t surprised when we found program errors that had been costing them money over the years.

First, we identified several pieces of equipment that had been sold, but were still listed on the policy, costing thousands of unnecessary dollars. Meanwhile, some current equipment had never been added and was therefore uninsured!

Next we scrutinized their existing snow plow contracts, and suggested adjustments to help mitigate future claims. Our team also provided sample subcontractor agreements to eliminate unnecessary liability exposure. Our claims review process exposed several longstanding, open claims that should have been closed. We were able to close the claims, dramatically improving loss ratios.

Is your landscaping insurance policy up for renewal in the coming months? Don’t miss these 6 Questions to Ask before Renewing. And please give us a call if you have any questions: 508.339.2951.

Landscaping Insurance Case Study

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