National Safety Month


Did you know that June is National Safety Month? Let’s aim to reduce accidents this month (and every month!) by practicing workplace safety, road safety, and safety at home. Here is a list of helpful summer safety links to prevent harmful incidents in all aspects of your life:


Safety at home:

Pool Safety Advice from the Experts at Easton Pool

Boston Public Health Commission’s Guide to Child-Proofing Your Windows

Create Your Own Storm Kit with Help from Westfield Gas+Electric

Tips on Playground Safety from the Commonwealth of MA


Safety on the road:

Precautions for New Drivers from Teacher’s Driving Academy

How to Stay Safe this Boating Season by BoatMA

Riding In the Zone: All You Need to Know About Motorcycle Safety

Pedestrian Safety Resources


Safety at work:

Electric Safety Tips from Specialists at Eversource

HG&E Gives the Run Down on Gas Safety

True Value’s Guidelines to Properly Using a Ladder

Local CPR Classes at Winchester Hospital

Sign Up for OSHA Compliance Training in MA