Paul West Joins C&S Insurance as Private Risk Advisor

C&S Insurance

Exciting news here at C&S Insurance: Paul West, veteran insurance pro and private risk advisor, recently joined our team. Paul rounds out our private client specialty division, which offers comprehensive insurance for high net worth households, successful families and individuals. Paul brings considerable experience and a proven track record in building effective HNW insurance plans. His knowledge of insurance for vacation homes, domestic employees (nanny insurance), valuable property and collections, as well as watercraft/boating insurance, makes him an incredible asset to our agency, as well as to our clients with more complex risk profiles.


We recently sat down with Paul West to learn more about his past and current roles.

C&S: How long have you worked in insurance? What is your area of specialization?

PW: I have worked in personal lines insurance (home, auto, umbrella) for almost 10 years. I specialize in private risk insurance, which helps protect accomplished individuals and families from catastrophic financial loss.

C&S: What do you like most about your job?

PW: Truly helping people is the best part of my job–helping them understand the value of insurance and seeing it not just as an expense.  Helping to protect them the correct way so that in the event of a loss they know they will be covered.

C&S: What’s a surprisingly common question or misconception you often hear from prospects?         

PW: A big misconception among many (not just private risk clients) is that insurance coverages are all the same. Too many people view it as a line item in the household budget–something to price shop, in search of the lowest quote. And of course, being mindful of comparative costs is important. However, understanding specific carrier offerings and the different terms of coverage are much more important–essential, really–before a loss happens.

C&S: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I most enjoy spending time with my wife and two young boys.  Football, lacrosse, and hockey keep us busy. We enjoy family bike rides and working around the house.  My kids love being active. It’s fun getting to watch them play sports and find their own passions.

C&S: What are you binge-watching on Netflix lately?

Free time for binging usually gets taken over by family movie night, but I’m a big Billions fan!

C&S: Best thing you ever ate?

I’m lucky to be surrounded by amazing cooks (my wife being #1 of course), but my aunt’s Bolognese is probably my all-time favorite.

C&S: Any hidden talents?

I’m a jack of all trades, and the word is already out!! I love helping my family and friends. We are always working on projects at someone’s house!

C&S: How can folks reach you if they need help with home, auto or umbrella insurance?

I’m always available via email ( or phone: 508.948.3419. Happy to help answer any questions!