Protect Your Business from Fire Hazards

I’m passionate about providing the best possible experience I can for my clients. Lisa has worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years.

If the wildfires in the West have taught us anything it is how dangerous and disruptive fires can be.  Not only do they affect people’s homes, but they can destroy people’s businesses as well.  Don’t be the next person to file a business insurance claim due to a fire.  Check out these tips on how to keep your business protected from all sorts of fire hazards.

Step 1: Have your electrical system inspected to make sure it is up to code.

Step 2: Discourage employees from having candles in the office- nothing is worse than having to file an insurance claim for a fire due to a Yankee Candle incident.

Step 3: Install smoke/fire detectors in the office and make sure that the batteries are checked regularly.

Step 4: Have a fire extinguisher on hand and train all of your employees how to use them and consider adding overhead sprinklers to all rooms and hallways throughout the building.

Step 5: Keep all of your files in a fireproof safe. Make sure to backup computer files in case your hard drive was to burn into ashes.

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