Takl Insurance Advice for Consumers and Contractors

By: Debra Gerraughty, CISR, CRIS, CPIA, MLIS

Debbie has more than 28 years of experience in the insurance industry. She enjoys working in the Commercial Lines Department learning new information every day and helping her customers.

Takl ads are everywhere right now: on local sports radio, on TV, online. If you live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, you may be wondering what is this new app called Takl?

Basically, it’s billed as a platform that will help you “tackle” your to-do list—including minor home repairs, housekeeping, and lawn care jobs.

Similar to TaskRabbit or HomeAdvisor.com, Takl offers some distinct benefits to consumers: it makes searching for local contractors easy. It also gives you real-time access to available help–in other words, you can see who is free to help you right now (versus trying to book an appointment two months out). Takl is especially good for assigning small projects that most larger companies would shrug off.

Unfortunately, not too many people are asking about Takl insurance… or lack thereof. Just like Uber insurance for ride-sharing drivers, getting clear answers about coverage isn’t as easy as using this new app. So here’s what you need to know if you’re considering advertising your services on Takl, or if you’re thinking of booking a job with someone listed on the site:

Takl Insurance Information for Contractors

Whether you’re planning to prune trees, clean gutters, scrub bathrooms, or simply hang a few pictures on the wall, don’t assume that nothing can go wrong. Accidents can and do happen when performing minor chores. You could be hurt, someone in your customer’s home could be hurt, property could get damaged or stolen, the list (not to harp on specific doom-and-gloom scenarios) is endless.

Be forewarned that Takl expects you (the provider) to assume all the risk. According to the complete terms of use, you must agree to a.) maintain workers’ compensation insurance, business owners’ insurance and/or professional liability insurance sufficient to cover losses and lawsuits. You must also agree to indemnify Takl (i.e. secure the company against any legal responsibility). In other words, if an unhappy client sues you and the app maker, you may be on the hook for both complaints and related costs.

Before signing up, read Takl’s terms in full. Pay attention to section 20 on “Provider Provisions” and sections 28 and 29 on Liability and Indemnification. And if you don’t already have Massachusetts business insurance, call our team at 508.339.2951 to start protecting your company today.

Takl Insurance Information for Consumers

Since Takl puts all the onus on providers, consumers could potentially get caught in the middle of a loss event. Because if something goes wrong and you need to recoup your losses, you won’t be able to go after the app maker or its affiliates. In fact, Takl states its aggregate liability limit is either:

  • The amount you paid for Takl access and use of the platform, or
  • $100 (whichever is greater)

As always, our recommendation is to work only with contractors who can show proof of current insurance. If you have any doubts, ask the contractor to have his insurance agent email or fax you a current certificate of insurance. If the contractor is bringing a crew to help complete the job, he should also show proof of workers’ compensation insurance.  Taking this route may rule out some of the lowest-priced service providers, but ultimately it’s the smartest choice for your family and your home.

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