In-House MA RMV Services

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Massachusetts RMV Services

To make life a little easier for you, we offer several MA RMV services right inside our Mansfield office. Why wait in line at the registry when you can visit our office (which is much less stressful) instead?

Many of our clients have come to appreciate the convenience of one-stop shopping. While we cannot handle all the transactions associated with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, we can process most of your license plate needs. Here is a small sampling of C&S’ in-house registry capabilities:

  • New Plate Issuance
  • Plate Transfers
  • Plate Renewals
  • Plate Returns

For further information on MA registry services, please contact our team at 508-339-2951. And if your needs do require a trip to the nearest RMV, here’s an update on Mass RMV hours.