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  • The Next Hurricane: Your Path to Preparedness

    The 2020 hurricane season is now underway, with experts predicting “above normal” activity in the Atlantic. If you haven’t reviewed your insurance policies lately, now is a smart time to ask your agent about which coverages you have and which ones you don’t. Common gaps to discuss: Flood Insurance in Massachusetts Sewer Backup Coverage Building […]

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  • Do I Need an Insurance Agent?

    Do I need an insurance agent? Why?? If you’re young enough that you can’t remember a world without the Internet, you’ve probably asked these questions at one time or another. Similarly, you may have wondered: Why does anyone need a travel agent? Or a piano teacher? Or a book store? Everything they offer can be […]

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    9 Reasons You Need to Call Us, Your Local Insurance Agents

    Insurance folks get a bad rap for being boring. And yeah, okay, we do tend to get fired up about topics that don’t interest the average person (e.g. named, non-owner coverage endorsements). But our team of local insurance agents knows A LOT about the issues that affect your wallet. If any of these scenarios are […]

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  • woman with frozen pipes in her home

    How to Prevent Frozen Pipes and Burst Pipes in Your Home or Business

    We all know it’s important to prevent frozen pipes, but the hassle (and cost) of Massachusetts property maintenance is often overwhelming. Here’s a cheat sheet on what you need to do and why… Facts about frozen pipes and winter weather insurance claims: • The most common cause of burst pipes is unheated attics. • When […]

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  • photos from C&S insurance anniversary party

    Leading Insurance Agency in Massachusetts Celebrates 60 Years

    This month, C&S Insurance celebrated its sixtieth anniversary as a leading insurance agency in Massachusetts. Sixty years of delivering the best in home, auto, and business insurance: definitely a milestone! In true C&S fashion, we threw a party to mark the occasion… Held at TPC Boston, our 60th Anniversary gala gave us an opportunity to […]

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  • an unmarried couple that needs insurance for home

    Insurance for Unmarried Couples and Other Folks Who Live Together

    Have you ever read your entire home insurance policy or renter’s insurance policy, front to back? Of course you haven’t. Though you really should, because… There are some interesting little blurbs in there—exclusions, in particular, that are easy to gloss over until something goes wrong. For homeowners and renters, one key exclusion is related to […]

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  • Swimming Pool Insurance in MA

    Looking for info on swimming pool insurance in Massachusetts? We’ll float you some key facts… just in time for the warm weather! Where can I buy swimming pool insurance? You don’t need to buy swimming pool insurance specifically; most often a pool is covered under the terms of your homeowner’s policy. If your home insurance […]

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  • Insurance When Buying a House

    There are many things to keep in mind about insurance when buying a house. Below we’ve summarized the questions we hear most often, along with answers from our team of MA home insurance experts. If you don’t see the answer you need, please give us call: 508.339.2951. We are always happy to help! What kind […]

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  • Underage Drinking and the Social Host Law in Massachusetts

    If you’re a parent of teenage kids, underage drinking is an issue that should be on your radar—especially during prom and graduation season, when most teens are given extra leeway to stay out late and socialize with friends. Last year we put together a list of graduation party ideas to help you manage the dangerous […]

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  • Wind Deductibles and Hurricane Deductibles: Coastal Home Insurance

    Written by Donna Craven, CPL

    As hurricane season approaches, you may be wondering how your home insurance policy protects you from wind, hail, fallen trees, extreme rain, flooding, etc. You may also be asking: do I have a wind deductible? If so, when does it apply? These are a GREAT questions to be asking. If you need answers, we hope […]

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