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  • Personal Risk: 6 Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Insurance Carrier

    Written by Paul West, PRMA

      In most aspects of your financial life, you’re probably very selective about the partners you choose. Your wealth advisor, for example. Your accountant. Your estate lawyer. You spend a good deal of time vetting these professionals based on their experience, education, and recommendations from trusted friends. But what about your insurance agent? How well […]

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  • Underage Drinking and the Social Host Law in Massachusetts

    If you’re a parent of teenage kids, underage drinking is an issue that should be on your radar—especially during prom and graduation season, when most teens are given extra leeway to stay out late and socialize with friends. Last year we put together a list of graduation party ideas to help you manage the dangerous […]

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  • do I need umbrella insurance?

    Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

    Do I need umbrella insurance? You may be asking yourself – “If I already have personal liability coverage under my auto and homeowners policies, why would I need ANOTHER policy? Do I need umbrella insurance?” Great questions. Umbrella insurance, also known as personal excess liability insurance, acts like backup coverage for your home insurance and car insurance. Umbrella […]

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  • insurance for nannies

    Nanny Insurance: Required & Optional Coverages

    According to Payscale.com, the average nanny salary in Boston stands at $19.14 per hour. Whether you’re planning to pay more or less for your private caregiver, don’t forget to factor in the cost of nanny insurance—a combination of optional and required coverages that have broader implications for your family’s overall financial plan. What is nanny […]

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  • 5 Tips on College Student Insurance

    We call it “college student insurance,” but the following info applies to all high school grads and young adults. Whether your child is living at school, commuting to college, taking a gap year, or starting her career straight away, these tips are useful for any parent with a newly independent child. Please give us a […]

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  • The Risks of Hiring Students & Teens for Landscaping

    Massachusetts college kids are already home for the summer. Soon, local high school students will be on vacation too, and many of them are looking for part-time work. You may have gotten a knock on the door or a flier in your mailbox, advertising cheap landscaping, painting, and handyman work. Thinking of hiring students or teens this […]

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  • Graduation Party Ideas for a Safe, Successful Event

    Written by Lucy Murphy, CISR

    Your son or daughter has just completed a major chapter in his/her academic career. Congratulations! No doubt your head is swirling with graduation party ideas: the cake, the decorations, school photos of your student from pre-K through today… There’s definitely a lot to plan. Unfortunately, too many social hosts forget to plan for the risks. […]

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