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  • illustration of company using pay as you go workers comp billing

    Pay as You Go Workers Comp Insurance

    What is “Pay as You Go” workers comp insurance? Pay as you go workers comp (PAYG) is an insurance billing option that relies on your company’s real-time payroll to calculate your workers’ compensation premiums. Each pay period, business owners can share their payroll data with their insurance company. (Depending on your payroll provider and the […]

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  • business insurance agents showing what makes them great

    How to Choose the Best Business Insurance for Your Company

    How to choose the best business insurance for your company? The following criteria are all important: Contractor insurance experience (years, if not decades, of protecting contractors) Industry affiliations (membership in local trade associations) Client references (from other companies like yours) Value-added services (loss control, audit prep, registry services, etc.) Good working “vibe” and business expertise […]

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  • stay compliant with osha form 300, 301, 300A and electronic recordkeeping rule

    OSHA Form 300, 301, 300A and Electronic Recordkeeping

    UPDATE: March 2, 2021, is the deadline for electronically reporting your OSHA Form 300A data for calendar year 2020. Collection will begin January 2, 2021. Not every business needs to submit its OSHA 300A information. To see if your business is required to send its data, visit OSHA’s page on injury reporting. Recently we attended […]

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  • Massachusetts’ Labor Laws: 14 Things Your Teen Employees Can’t Do at Work

    If you own a business that relies on part-time, seasonal employees, you probably employ some teenagers. By far, the vast majority of working teens are employed in leisure and hospitality roles: waitress, caterer, lifeguard, etc. Teens are frequently on the summer payroll in retail, construction, childcare, and other sectors, too. Are you preparing to grow […]

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