Can You Change Car Insurance at Any Time?

By: Lucy Murphy, CISR

Lucy is a licensed property & casualty agent who has been working in the insurance industry for more than 30 years. She has recently earned her CISR designation.

We get it. Life is busy. Paying bills is a chore. Who has the time to go a step further, and actually compare their car insurance rates with other options?

We do! And we’re always happy to help you shop around for better coverage. In fact, our team has access to a long list of today’s top insurers. (Check out our insurance carrier list).

Whether you’re making a policy change (adding a new driver, a new car), or simply looking to lower your monthly bill, we can advise you on all the things you might be missing. Here’s a bit more information on changing car insurance companies:

changing car insurance

Can you change car insurance at any time?

Yes. And if you paid the full premium upfront, you will get refunded for any portion of unused coverage. Your carrier may charge you a small penalty fee for changing (sometimes this figure is a percentage of your premium), depending on how far into the policy term you are. However, if you’re saving a significant amount on the new policy, you may still come out ahead.

What’s the benefit of changing car insurance companies?

There may be several benefits. Here are a few to ask you agent about:



Customer Service

Discounts for bundling insurance

Can you change car insurance to add more coverage?

Yes! If you suspect your limits are lower than they should be, you can make changes to your auto policy at any time. Your carrier will simply adjust your balance and your monthly installment. Ask our agents if your current limits are right for your family.

How do I change my car insurance?

You could make the calls yourself, or, if you’re working with an agent (and why wouldn’t you?), you could ask a professional to contact different carriers on your behalf. Either way, don’t assume you’re all set with the old insurance company just because you made a phone call or sent an email. Make sure you get a copy of the old policy’s cancelation in writing. Make sure there’s no gap between the new policy’s effective date and your cancelation date.

Can I shop online to change my car insurance?

Don’t even ask. The very idea makes us cringe. Yes, truth be told, you could go online to shop for different car insurance rates. But one of the big problems with this method is the limited (and biased) information you will get. Not only will you get a rate based on a formula (instead of your personal needs), you might also be getting lower coverage limits that what you currently have… or what you should have. (Here’s how much car insurance you need in Massachusetts, btw.)

So when you shop online you’re not really comparing apples to apples.

Finally, beware that the rate you’re being quoted is for a full year, versus a six-month policy term that some big-name companies use to woo people in. After the six months, that great rate may jump significantly.

Bottom line, you can change car insurance at any time. We recommend contacting a licensed agent, who can advise you on your different options and help you weigh all pros and cons. Call our team at 508.339.2951.