Valuable Property Insurance

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wine cellar insurance“Valuable property” means something different to everyone. For you, it might include your engagement ring, fine jewelry, antiques, art, your wine cellar, your sports memorabilia, etc. As you can imagine, these items come with different sets of risks and, therefore, different insurance options.

Valuable Property Insurance Basics

The first thing to know about property insurance is that valuable items are not always (fully) covered by your home insurance policy. Even a high-value home insurance policy comes with sub-limits on certain types of property (say, for example, $10,000 for jewelry); these are often insufficient to replace items after a loss. Moreover, home insurance can’t protect against all different types of loss (e.g. a diamond that falls out of its setting, a wine stain on a Persian rug). The solution? Work with an agent who can provide flexible property coverage options via high-end insurance carriers. The advantages of high-end property policies include:

Stress-Free Scheduling & Appraisals

Our carriers make it easy to insure your collections via blanket coverage or scheduled (individual) amounts. We also work with partners who offer liberal appraisal requirements, which means you don’t need to maintain professional appraisal records on every valuable object you own.

Valuable Collection Expertise

Not every carrier is an expert in the Duesenberg Model J , Domaine Romanée-Conti, or contemporary sculpture. But our team has access to niche carriers who specialize in priceless collections; many can assist you not just in financial reimbursement after a loss, but in the difficult task of locating replacements.

Zero Deductible, Worldwide Coverage, and More

Valuable property insurance policies often come with the advantages of zero deductible, worldwide coverage, and coverage for newly-purchased items (i.e. the painting you bought on vacation is covered even before you have a chance to get home and call your agent). This type coverage is also designed to respond to lost or misplaced pieces, and it will often hedge against inflation–offering up to 150% of itemized amounts.

Bottom line: at C&S Insurance we understand that your antique cars, guns, stamps, coins, etc. are more than just financial investments. Many of these items are family heirlooms or gifts that are rich with memories. They have a sentimental value beyond any dollar amount, and we take protecting these items seriously. Call us today for your custom proposal: 508.339.2951.