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    Is the RMV Open? COVID-19 Response in Massachusetts

    Is the RMV open in Massachusetts? Yes, but with limited access. As our Bay State businesses begin to reopen, state officials are still encouraging MA drivers to stay away from RMVs, if possible. The registry is emphasizing that most transactions can either be completed online, or postponed while social distancing guidelines are still in place. […]

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    Driving Record Points in Massachusetts

    What are driving record points in Massachusetts? Driving record points (a.k.a. “insurance points” or “surcharge points”) are designed to punish or reward you, based on how safely you drive. In Massachusetts, the point system is known as the Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP). So, you might also see the term “SDIP points.” Each time you […]

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    9 Reasons You Need to Call Us, Your Local Insurance Agents

    Insurance folks get a bad rap for being boring. And yeah, okay, we do tend to get fired up about topics that don’t interest the average person (e.g. named, non-owner coverage endorsements). But our team of local insurance agents knows A LOT about the issues that affect your wallet. If any of these scenarios are […]

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  • Why You Shouldn’t Buy Car Insurance Online

    How easy is it to save hundreds on car insurance? You may have seen the commercials that ask this question or similar ads offering quick, simple, “no hassle” coverage. And we agree, some of today’s national companies really do make it EASY to buy car insurance online. But should something as important as financial protection […]

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    Can You Change Car Insurance at Any Time?

    Written by Lucy Murphy, CISR

    We get it. Life is busy. Paying bills is a chore. Who has the time to go a step further, and actually compare their car insurance rates with other options? We do! And we’re always happy to help you shop around for better coverage. In fact, our team has access to a long list of […]

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  • Car Seat Laws MA: Safe Driving with Kids

    How well do you know the car seat laws in Massachusetts? Here’s a quick test to find out: True or false: kids don’t need a car seat or booster seat once they reach 47 inches in height? True or false: it makes good financial sense to shop for car seats at garage sales or second-hand […]

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  • How Much Car Insurance Do I Need?

    How much car insurance do I need? Great question! The short and easy answer is: probably more than what you have right now… We’re not saying that just to drum up business. The fact is, too many drivers are lured into lowball car insurance quotes that are based on state minimums. And Massachusetts’ required minimum […]

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