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The Story of Our Growing, Massachusetts Insurance Agency

MA insurance agency founders, Cavallo and Signoriello
Ever heard the story of how we came to be a leading Massachusetts insurance agency? C&S Insurance was founded in 1959, in the heart of Mansfield, Massachusetts, by Ben Cavallo and Frank Signoriello. It was a time and a place where families were close enough to say hello on the street, share a cup of coffee, look out for one another…

More than 50 years later, we’re still invested in that sense of “neighborhood,” even as our business (and the community around it) has grown significantly. We still believe in knowing our clients on a first-name basis, sharing a cup of coffee, and most important: looking out for one another. We proudly sponsor our towns’ little league teams, marching bands, and non-profit organizations, because it’s one of the many traditions that define us.

Today, C&S is truly a best-in-class Massachusetts insurance agency. Our offices in Mansfield, Dedham, and Attleboro are staffed by dedicated, knowledgeable professionals. Our commercial insurance teams for construction insurance and landscaper’s insurance are changing the way business owners think about insurance, providing a host of value-added services and loss control strategies. All together, we now represent more than 16,000 Massachusetts families and companies. And our story continues!

So if you ever need insurance advice, a quote comparison, or just a cup of coffee, we hope you’ll stop by our place.


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